Marcel_Wiecek’s ATC Tracking Thread [CLOSED] @KLAX

I am now open as tower on the training server at KLAX. It would be greatly apprecated for some people to come and test me, as I want to improve my skill.

Just FYI LAX is a really tough place to get feedback because there is so much traffic and so many inexperienced pilots that it is hard to figure out what is driven by the situation vs true learning opportunities.

It is also typically difficult to run patterns because of those same factors.

Of course this is my perspective. Others may have a diff point of view.

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I did stop by and do a short hop and landing.

Thanks for controlling and be willing to receive feedback!

  • Approach was present so the only direct instructions I received were cleared to land.
  • You issued a guard message to me once while I was on the approach frequency and on a right downwind. Might have been a mistake but be sure to check if someone is on the approach freq before issuing a guard msg.
  • When I was landing there were two planes landing with about a nm of each other on another RW. Presumably you issued the trailing plane a go around while I was with approach.
  • I didn’t hear a lot of RW exit instructions. I never received one. Likely driven by being really busy at lax.

This session aside I would recommend adding a new reply to the thread each time you are controlling. I sent my first reply and then saw the post was a few months old and deleted my response. I then realized you had edited the original post.

Look forward to seeing you again. Keep up the good work!


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Thanks for your feedback. I was a little busy, and because of that, I only send exit RW messages to those who were taking their time. I was trying to practice everything at a fast pace, but I guess I was going too fast.

Now with the rest, there really is no excuse for it, and I need to work on that. Thanks for stopping by!

Just as a side note, are you IFATC by any chance?

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I am not IFATC yet. Working on it!

Don’t worry about the errors. Part of learning! Keep practicing. Consider a less busy airport. You will get clearer, richer feedback.

Keep having fun too.


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Departure runway: 25
Landing runway: 25
right traffic