Marc being escorted

@Marc Idk if you saw me, but if you did then that’s great have a great rest of your flight

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Hi Riley!

I didn’t see you as I’m not at my iPad right now but thanks for the screenshots!

Personally, I don’t mind when users tag me on the IFC or visit me during my flight, so that’s absolutely fine as long as you’re flying professionally of course. As @AlphaSeven said, there are others who don’t like it too much though. That’s why it’s important not to overuse this 😊

Your screenshots contain some parts of the user interface and HUD. Make sure you remove them, so the pictures meet the guidelines of #screenshots-and-videos! There’s an easy way to do this: Open the replay file of the flight and take the screenshots with the screenshot function! This will automatically remove all HUD etc for you.

Thanks mate, stay safe!


I’ll make sure I’ll do that next time I’m taking screenshots.

Thanks Marc and stay safe too! ;)

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