Maradona gets revived in "his" private jet

Soccer, or football as some might call it depending on the region, is by far the biggest sport in the world. Logically, the legends of the sport are admired as barely anybody else. However, one of those legends, Diego Maradona is a special case: The Argentinian football star who passed away in November 2020 was more than just a star; he was an icon and god for many Argentinians. Throughout his entire career, he impressed the football world with his amazing skills and plays earning him many awards and trophies.


Thousands of people emotionally said goodbye when his coffin was driven through Buenos Aires.

He was there watching whenever the Argentinian national squad played at international tournaments, but now this is obviously not possible.
Thus, a group of Argentinian companies in the financial sector decided to bring him to the world cup this year in Qatar differently: They purchased a Bombardier Challenger 600 and will paint it in a special livery dedicated to him.

The private jet will tour major cities in Argentina and Latin America and fans can enter the private jet to sign the aircraft and speak with Maradona. This is possible because a specialist created an AI hologram of Maradona that can talk with humans.
However, the most important task will be to fly the jet to Doha, Qatar to let Maradona “participate” in the World Cup. A few lucky fans can also win a ride in the aircraft to Doha to experience the World Cup.

The aircraft will feature his face on the tail, his signature on the wings, and his nickname in Spanish “Dios” (“God”) on the side of the aircraft. The “io” in “Dios” can also be read as “10” which was his prominent shirt number in his career.


This is actually really cool!

That’s really interesting!

I also think so. The livery is stunning, too in my opinion!

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