Marabu A320neo

About Marabu
Marabu is an Estonian leisure airline with operations based in Germany, specifically at Hamburg, Iraklion and Munich. They operate a fleet of Airbus A320neo aircraft. They connect Germany with well-known tourist destinations around the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea, such as Egypt, Greece and Spain.

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Why add the livery?
The German community, especially those with connections to Hamburg and Munich airport, would be very happy for this addition to the fleet. Also, it looks nice.

Thanks for your vote : )

I have seen this airline before, and I like the livery!
I hope to see this added when the NEO arrives (sooner or later)…


Very clean livery, and it is an Estonian company👀!?
This is very much needed as it will bring lots of routes.

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Their planes are registered in estonia but that’s all. They don’t even fly to estonia.

It’s so they can hire all crew on estonian salary , which is lower than a german salary, and therefor save cost

That’s a shame:/