Map Zoom out Crash

Since the 20.1 update, I have noticed that if you zoom out far (for example to view the Atlantic track) when you are in game, the game crashes. I know the issue with the crash after setting a SID or STAR has been resolved but am unaware whether IF are aware of this particular crash. I am not sure whether it is due to the power of my device(Apple iPad 2016) or a bug in the game. Thanks for viewing this.


This is not something we have noted down specifically. I just tried on my iPhone XS and was able to zoom out fully and spin the globe around without any problems.

Is it something you can reproduce constantly?

Yes. It has been an issue I can reproduce.

Are you on the latest release of Infinite Flight? You can check your store if there is an update.

What about other items such as yokes and third party apps?

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Yes. I am on 20.1.02. I don’t use 3rd party or yoke.

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What is the current IF version?

Hey @Patrick_McCormack I know what you’re talking about. At the beginning of the first day of 20.1, when I was back zooming in at maximum, I would turn to 5 FPS…
As time goes by it gets much better.
Tip : disable airspace once you see the globe…


@misterATOMIC Thanks so much. Great to see a completed FPL including the Atlantic track!

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@schyllberg + @Chris_S Thanks for trying to help!
This can now be closed.

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