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hello, I have been wanting to get IF for a long time, but I don’t want to pay for a subscription, so which aircraft and airports (regions are available with a 1 time purchase) and is global flying enabled ? Also are there any disadvantages rather than no multiplayer ? Thanks, in advance.


Without a PRO Subscription, you will only have access to the:

a380,a321, b747, b737, CRJ200, C172 (Steam Gauge) and Xcub.

You won’t be able to fly globally, there are regions across the globe where you can fly at:

Los Angeles
San Francisco

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You miss out on 10,000+ (lots of which that are edited) airports and the world to explore in high scenery, the (as you said) multiplayer experience, air traffic control, real world weather and winds, a fleet of diverse aircraft and liveries with accurate physics and (only available in select aircraft) live cockpit, Infinite Flight community and official events, and you miss out on the fun of building your account up the grade table to unlock more servers! I highly suggest you get a Pro sub. If you are amazed by the app without a subscription you’re in for a MAJOR treat if you get a sub. From a customer standpoint I personally think it was worth every penny. Hope to see you in the skies!

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hey when you meant live cockpit, you mean there will be no live cockpit in the normal app and I need to purchase the pro ?

Only SOME aircraft have live cockpit.

As an example the a321 has a live cockpit, and the a321 is available in non-PRO. You will still access the live cockpit.

But 777 also has a live cockpit, but it is only available with PRO. You won’t be able to access the plane or the live cockpit.

okay thanks for the help, also 1 last question you said there were a few reigons I can fly in, so does that mean I can fly intercontinental from these regions ? For example sydney to los angeles ?

Good question.

No you actually can’t. The moment you exit one of the regions your engines cut off. Be aware, the regions are fairly big.

You can Fly Melbourne-Sydney or Los Angeles-San Diego, etc.

oh okay thanks for the help

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You are welcome!

And welcome to the community!

Here is also a great database of flights that are flown in real life that you can fly in the non-live regions.

Welcome to the community!

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