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I’m currently controlling at Dubai and I’m kind of confused on which visual aids to use as far as Runway colors the map shows Runway 12L 12R orange which I know the crosswind but when I tap on the command Runway Runway 30L 30R show orange and Runway 12 left and 12 right show Red

That’s been a known issue for a while. I suggest relying on the METAR as your final source when deciding runway usage. :)


I thought it was just me no problem it just puts the ATC skills to the test 😂

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The reason for this is due to the difference between magnetic heading and true heading. The absolute “correct” colour would be the one in the commands, NOT the map, as it accounts for magnetic variation.

Nonetheless, considering how bad the crosswinds are for this to happen, either side would be fine.

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I just looked at Flightradar24 and the command colors are actually correct the map colors are wrong . the flow of traffic is on the 30s

Your right😂😂

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I just hope Pilots understand that I know what I’m doing when they look at the map versus the commands should I give them but as you said the cross wind is crazy on either side of the runway so it really doesn’t matter at this point until the weather changes

Correct, which is why you shouldn’t just rely on colours, albeit most pilots do so. Also consider checking out the TAF to see how the winds are forecast to change, and pick the side that favours that to avoid a runway change.

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