Map stuck in infinite flight

My map is stuck suddenly in the middle of my flight from VHHH-KLAX. I can’t seem to move it and everything is frozen, including other planes. The onscreen controls in the map such as settings, zoom and center still work.
Thanks in advance!

Device: Honor NTH-NX9
Operating system: MagicOS 7.1

After some checking, it seems that on other x
cameras, one finger controls zoom, and I can’t do anything else!

Hey there!

Could you try a simple app restart and see if that fixes it? Don’t worry, you will be able to resume your online flight wherever it was last saved, provided that it meets the criteria below (from the User Guide).


Thanks for your help, I figured that it cpuld be something with my phone and not with the app, as all I had to do to fix the was to hold down the left side of my phone.
I’ll restart after if my temp fix also fails.
Thanks again!

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Restarting your device is even better :) There’s corner cases like these that happen every once in a while, a simple app and/or device restart usually fixes these. Let us know if the issue persists, though, and we can keep digging