Map spamming out

I know there are loads of these topics flying around at the moment so i’ll keep this short,

In the map, if you zoom out loads like so you can’t zoom any further out, my map suddenly starts spamming out and a bunch of red and orange boxes start flashing at the bottom of the screen - taking up like the full bottom half of the screen…??😱

I’m not entirely sure why this is happening and i’m not sure if it’s to do with my device, or if it’s an issue with the map in general?

And has (what i’ve described ) happened to anyone else???


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Hey there! i think this belongs in the support…


  • have you tried retarting the app?
  • any apps running in the background?
  • Reduce the resolution and graphics
  • When on a long haul, try to reduce brightness

  • what device do you use?
  • How many times has this happen?
  • Anything in common when this happened?


I’ve had a similar issue when opening the map. Upon trying to zoom out or in the map just starts awfully stuttering and in one frame it shows everything very close the next frame everything zoomed further out or the whole globe. I tried it at busy airports and non busy airports. It happened at both. My device has a Sd 625 3gb of RAM and is running android 9 in the clean version (Part of the Android One program). I always restart the phone before playing. I’ve never had any issues before 20.1 with running it on low settings. The update is nice but not everyone is willing to spend 300-500$ on something decent to play it. Most people will be better off with a budget PC and FSX for such a big price.

Yes in that case the devs are working real hard to fix the bugs. It may also happen due to the hype and that too many people are playing in the server at once…

ps… its not $300-$500

ah yep sorry forgot to put it there in the first place (i’ve moved it now! 🙃)

  • i’ve tried re-starting it, uninstalling and re-installing it, and it didn’t make any difference.

  • I’ve closed every app on it, and there are only like 5 apps actually installed on the device and infinite flight and that’s it

  • all of the graphics, texture controls, [planes shown] are on minimum and [none]

  • the brightness was on minimum when i was flying, and mostly it’s on around 50% when on takeoff/landing

  • every time i zoom out, so i would say every flight, unless i don’t zoom all the way out

  • It is a samsung galaxy tab s4

  • nope nothing that would mean it would happen or signal that it was about to happen (other than) if i zoom out fully and then it will do it

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oh sorry to hear that! It must be a bug or your device… I use an iPad air 3 and it never happened…

in that case then the devs are probably working hard to fix it! hope you enjoy your flight

may i flag this to get the dev’s/mod’s attention?

Yes it’s a bit annoying - but i can get round it by using the live flight app so that i can see where I am!

But yep if you could that would be awesomeee - because there probably building up a list of things that they need to get done for the hot fix coming out sooon!

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