Map sketching (radar frequencies)

It wouldnt… ATC’s can draw it for planes approaching airspace for a smooth transition… In real life… ATC’s arent saying “Turn base”,etc…They defently do say “Extend Downwind” though… :)

They most definitely say turn base or “short approach” or similar. That was way off topic though.

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oh, you have no idea…

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I’m pretty sure if an IFATC drew something inappropriate, and someone found out, he’d be removed immediately…

I’m not sure what you’re getting at here. This is sketching. Not something that will be saved. Only as a guide to the controller himself. If he wants to draw something inappropriate to make time pass by then sure…


I meant if he drew something inappropriate and vectored the inbounds along that line and someone seeing this on LiveFlight for example…

Then he’s not controlling properly, and would be taken off the team immediately. ;)


Great idea buddy :)

Would certainly make things a lot easier. I hope it gets added soon!


I really like this idea as it would help all Radar controllers to plan a visual path in which to vector aircraft into, when the airspace is crowded. This would help controllers to think about more important situations instead remembering the pathway in his mind.

Definitely has my vote !



It’s a good idea, but a completely unrealistic one.

This ability doesn’t exist on a Controllers “scope”, as it will create clutter and “hide” tracks and plots (a later lesson via PM if you wish to know the difference).

Controllers use flight plans and standard operating procedures to route aircraft around the airspace via reporting points, SIDs and VORs. Each airfield has standard approaches for differing types and directions, I’d stick to that and learning those to keep your simulated experience as close to the real thing as possible.

Indeed, but they DO have overlays for SID/STAR’s, something we haven’t got… Totally depends on what you would use it for, but a lot of the thing I would use it for – can be displayed in real life scopes… Like STAR routings, holding points, altitude overlays etc.

Overlays are pre approved mapping options. Not someone’s doodle - I’ve used the equipment. What you need here is an option to display names of points, not a doodle pad.

If that was an option – of course I’d rather have that! Nothing’s better than the overlay options you find in real life scopes. The ability to toggle SID/STAR procedures, TMA limits, Safe Vectoring Altitudes etc etc. would be a tremendous help, but I don’t see that happening in the foreseeable future… Being able to ‘sketch’ out those points is the next best thing IMO. :)

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Make a request for overlays instead of this then? It’s be a lot easier to do it seems most are already on the system…

Pleaseeeee FDS this is such a good idea!


This is a very good idea for ATC operations!

@Mats_Edvin_Aaro It would also be very helpful if Tower can Communicate with Approach and Ground, since many times it happens that the other ATC is handling a plane but you won’t know. If you send “On Guard” it wont make sense since they are working with the other ATC, and if you assume they are on the other ATC without sending an on-guard message, again it would be a wasted cause as they are actually off any radios. So, it would be helpful to either have the ability for the TOWER to talk some very basic communications with the operator at Ground and Approach if they are available. Either a communication or a change of color for planes that are on specific signals. Say, Red if they are on Tower, Blue if they are on Ground, Yellow if they are working with Approach.


Would be ideal at events such as FNF !

i think it would be great if u could even sketch ur own flight plan when flying. Love this idea though

This topic goes hand in hand with this request Approach/Pilot waypoint feature request.

If the one above is added, controllers can then make out a plan by joining the waypoints.
Also, with the use of approach plates, we can also have a plan with terrain clearance as well.

With this feature you can draw your own waypoints.
With the same idea as the last one.

Both of these feature requests are extremely needed without the terrain map.
So, I place a vote on both of these topics, I hope you do too !

@GHamsz thoughts ?

I believe this could drastically help radar controllers. We could draw in SIDs, STARs, waypoints, paths we want to have the aircraft vectored on, holds, mountain peeks, mountain ranges, controlled boundries for dual approaches, ect. Seems like an easy fix to a hard problem controllers face without a terrain map and missing VORs/waypoints. Really would like to see this added one day!

Also, could help ground as they could roughly outline where the gates and taxiways are themseleves.