Map Selection Gone Missing

Hello! I had an interesting interaction with the map in game today. Now, before everyone gives me the classic restart device, reinstall, etc. I fixed the problem with a simple respawn (thank gosh I just started planning). I’m just seeing if there’s a reason this happened or if this is a new issue?

Here’s what the map options should look like:

Instead, here what I got. Notice the options for MAP, MAP + FPL, FPL are gone!

I’m on an iPad Air 4. I’ll list some steps on what I was doing below. I had no way for switching back to the MAP selection.

  1. Started adding waypoint
  2. Added SID
  3. App did weird glitchy thing and button was gone

I don’t remember 100% what I was doing in the exact moment sadly.

Thanks for the help!

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I’ve never had this happen before. Most likely just a small little glitch, but an interesting problem!

I know, very interested, thus the reason I posted it. Never had the issue before as well!

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Now that I think about it, this might’ve happened to me once a long time back (about a year). It was something very similar to this and I just had to re-start the app, like you said you did. Hopefully this doesn’t happen anymore!

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