Map question

So in the update apparently you can see weather (where the most wind is) Matt had a picture on his Instagram about it and when I got the update I can’t see it on live. Anyone know how to turn it on so I can see where and how bad the wind is at certain airports?

Click on the Airport Icon. It should show you controllers and wind.

Ok but wasn’t there a way to see almost like how you see a weather map on tv if you know what I’m talking about…



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This is the terrain warning

I know that :)

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Just letting them know. Haha

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Yes! How can I get that

You see that gear icon on the right? Click that then click on show terrain. Then click on show terrain warning.

Yea, but when I click that nothing happens

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Do you see the list at all?

Yea I’m on it where it gives me all the options including show terrain warning

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Make sure you also select show terrain.

I am but when I click it nothing happens, when I’m on my short final sometimes it comes up

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That’s how is supposed to be. It shows you the warning if you’re a certain distance from the ground. If you were to fly near the mountains, you’d see it more because you’re below them so they’d be red

thanks that’ll help a lot :)

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