Map problems

So I know that there is some problems going on with the servers and another one of them is all the waypoints and taxiway and runway outlines on the map aren’t appearing, anyone else experiencing this?

I’m not currently, have you updated to the 20.1 Hotfix?
You could also try restarting your device.



It could be an internet issue. Sometimes I experience something’s disappear too but it will only be for a few seconds

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My internet is completely fine, but I think global is having some problems rn

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Could be. I think Seb said that servers have been working fine on their end and the crashes have been a lot less lately

Yes. This too will be affected. Some of the marking that you mentioned are going to be cut off until the service is restored. Apologies for the inconvenience.


Are you sure that you haven’t turned on the ‘Hide Taxiways’ setting in the map?