Map options question

Hi, just hoping to clear up a small question regarding the map options (the settings choices with waypoints, navaids, small airports to display etc).

On some tutorial videos I have seen the presenter toggle on and off a “terrain” option, which displays a coloured map, like a VFR navigation chart. This really looks useful, but I don’t have it…

So the question is, is this a Pro only feature? I haven’t seen any mention of it in any material describing Pro features…? And if it is available in Pro, is it literally worldwide coverage?

Thanks, I’d appreciate any info as I make decisions and prepare to start a subscription.

mcgregni / ZK-MCG

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Unfortunately, the terrain map went away with the introduction of global. They were in the old version because of the regions but because it’s the entire world now that’s in game, they had to scrap it. It may make a return in the future though but I’m not quite sure in that.


Ok thanks, that explains a lot! I can understand it would be a huge job to provide such a map for the whole world, so fair enough I guess.


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