Map-only ultra low power mode

There has been a lot of power related issues since 20.1 came out. Before centre frequency, it is actuay possible to stop the sim from rendering graphics by going to the settings screen. This is no longer safe on expert because you cannot listen to centre ATC for two minutes.

I am proposing the ability to switch to a view with no graphics, only the map, bottom status bar and ATC, in order to conserve a lot more battery during long haul. Additionally it would still be possible to monitor the flight in that view.

This isnt a bad idea. Ill vote to try and help

Nice idea, I’ll just add that you don’t need to constantly listen to Center in your flights, as soon as you step away from your device (at cruise) for more than 2 minutes you will be marked inactive. With that all conflicts are assumed unintentional and therefore you don’t need to be active the entire flight.

Also, remember to vote for your own feature ;)

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You could just go to free cam and look to the sky :) Doesn’t render anything at all. Almost the exact same as what your asking for

But u would techinically be active for two minutes while on the settings screen lol