Map not fully loading in

I’m zooming in on the map, and only small sections of it are loading. When I am zoomed out to view the US, the entire midwest to western US is blacked out except for my destination airport and the KASE/KEGE TFRs, when I zoom in to about 4 states in view, 1/4 of the map is blacked out, a bit further leaves 3/4ths of the map black, a bit further blacks out all airspaces, airports, VORs, but some state borders are visible, further, nothing is visible, and when you zoom to waypoint/fix level, it is a mess of disappearing and reappearing areas of the map when looking around.

Have you tried reloading your app?

I’ve had this issue before. I once your done with your flight, I would try a restart of your device

This is just simply how the map works. There is a lot of stuff on the map so it takes time for it to load in and generate especially if you can changing zoom distance at a fast rate.

I thought about that and tried waiting 5 minutes every few bits zoomed in, nothing loaded at all.

So it takes 5 minutes for everything to load up? Is this in a specific area? Any specific steps to find a consistent repro for the issue?

It isn’t taking 5 minutes to load because it isn’t loading at all. Steps: fly for 31 hours without despawning, get a notification that icloud storage is almost full, idk

I zoomed out all the way and the whole world disappeared

Ahhh that information is crucial. So it seems like to be able to reproduce this issue you have to be flying for long periods of time.

I’ve flown for much, much longer and never experienced this, maybe it has to do with the sudden drops in framerate since the .3.04 fix: straining my device

Didn’t do the trick

That is likely a contributing factor. Frame rate is like a frequency of images that appear in screen so that can be it.

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