Map / mini map "Track Up / North Up" modes

It would be nice to have this toggle in the map and mini map settings. Most MFDs and/or EFIS have both layouts, this would just add the heading view to our maps.

I am aware that there is always a trade-off between how much drawing code versus supporting older devices, so if this needs to wait on more Project Metal progress that’s very understandable.


There are a few topics related to this:

So it’s definitely a much-requested feature. The other topics are older, but unless you can ask a moderator to get them closed or consolidate them into one topic, I’m afraid this counts as a duplicate.

Interesting. I only looked under the user interface tag. All of these are untagged. Looks like a good opportunity to consolidate all of those and mine.

@Drummer would consolidating those prior feature requests make sense? I think they all have zero or perhaps one vote at most…

Request will need to remain separate

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