Map Loading issues

Only half of the map is loading when zoomed in, however, when I zoom out it shows the full thing again.

now the ground isn’t even showing up, i’ve cleared the scenery cache, restarted my app and device and restarted my internet.

hi, the devs recently released a fix for this.

What app version are you on?

version 21.6.1

you should try updating the app to 21.6.02

Are you on IOS?

yep im on iOS

check the appstore and see if theres an update for IF

yup just checked, its updating now, hopefully it works. thank you :)

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it should work

it worked, thank you!

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no problem. Enjoy your flight

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If it still don’t work do this

  • Go into “settings”
  • Click on graphics
  • Change all of the graphics to another setting
  • Change them back to what they were
  • It should be fixed

Hope its all settled!


Yes try this if it still persists in the future or make a new thread so devs can look at it


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