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Map-Flight is an Infinite Flight Third-Party Live Flight Tracker. Use Map Flight to track flights, find flights of interest, search and discover new flights and airports, flight plans, players, airports and weather information.

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More info

Release date of the first version: May, 14th, 2019

Total number of:

  • Registered users: > 8K
  • VA/VO using Map-Flight: 38
  • IFATC using Map-Flight: > 80

Lasted Update

  • We have updated the code to support LiveAPI V2




Normal map

Satellite map

Cloud map

Wind speed map

Temperature map

Day and night

Parking spaces

Flight label (Callsign)

Flight label (Altitude)

Flight label (Heading)

Flight label (Speed)

Flight label (VO)

More features waiting for you to discover :D

Map-Flight Premium

The Map-Flight Premium subscription is a virtual subscription item exclusively for Map-Flight users to use on the Map-Flight platform. The Map-Flight Premium subscription can be used to unlock more products and features on the Map-Flight platform.

✔️ Cloud map, Wind speed map, Temperature map
✔️ Different aircraft type with different icons
✔️ Display the altitude, heading, speed and VO labels of the flight
✔️ View current weather and ATC at the airport
✔️ Search flights by Aircraft Type, Livery, Flight Plan, VO etc. Serch airports by ICAO code, etc.
✔️ View altitude and speed graph at the flight
✔️ View the weather at the current location of the flight
✔️ View airport parking spaces
✔️ Download flight data on your computer
✔️ Flight locations refresh faster
✔️ Airport ATC auto refresh
✔️ Subscription can works on any modern device and browser
✔️ Remove ads


Download APP

Picture upload system [NEW!!]

  • You can submit to us the pictures of the aircraft you took in the Infinite Flight through this system. If your image is approved, it will be displayed on the Map Flight website and apps! Visit

  • We have a #screenshots channel on our official Discord, you can send your beautiful shots there, staffs may choose from them and upload to Map-Flight


@AirChina196 - Creator & Developer
@XuanyanYe - General Manager
@TheAviationGallery - Marketing Staff
@EvannL - Support Team Staff

Some very important things you need to know…

  1. Map Flight provides flight tracker services for many VA/VO . If you also operate a VA/VO and want to embed Map Flight on your VA/VO official website or app, please feel free to send me a private message!
  2. Map Flight currently offers a FREE subscription to ALL IFATC, if you are IFATC, please contact @XuanyanYe via IFATC Discord for more information.

Thanks to @Cameron for helping us make this good Live Flight Tracker!
And here is a special thanks to @Moritz for making a wonder banner!

Trust Level 3 Members: The wiki mode is for @XuanyanYe to edit the thread at anytime, do not edit anything here. Thanks!


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I would love to share some photos for aircraft, could I get the link please?

Also, nice Thread!

Check our announcement on

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I think I found a bug.
In the iOS app, when you tapped the “?” and are seeing the help page, there doesn’t seem to be a way to get back to the app.

Due to some issues with the Infinite Flight Live API, we are unable to get the location data of the waypoints of any flight. We are in contact with the Infinite Flight developers to solve this issue, thank you for your understanding.


@AirChina196 @XuanyanYe Hi guys, I’ve registered, but it kept saying incorrect username and password, could you help please? Thanks in advance!

Hi. Please send me your username and password via private message. thanks.

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