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Happy weekend!

I am here to announce the newest member of Map-Flight Studio! Now, please join me to welcome @EvannL to Staff Team!
Zephyr is IFATC Specialist and he is specialized in video editing and what concerns music / soundboards. We thought he is good for our team!

Congrats and Welcome to the team @EvannL
Follow our Instagram for more information of Map-Flight Studio! Safe Flight!

Welcome 🎉:)


Any news on bugfixing?
I would really purchase this if you fix the three major issues:

  • in app purchase on iOS fails
  • landscape mode fails at app start (portrait only)
  • translation is incomplete, I won’t learn another language just to pay for a app
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Sorry about that, @AirChina196 is very busy with his study because he is preparing for studying aboard. Will try to fix it in days


I have recently released the IOS app update. It fixes the problems of purchase failure and translation errors. For landscape mode, I will try to fix this problem. You can use this method instead of downloading the app in the appstore:


We just met a flight information loading issues, developers are fixing it. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Nice thread !!!
After the experience of the app ,it is my sincere sentiments :‘It’s good flight simulation software !”
I hope Map Flight Studio can post more assistive softwares in the future 。
Will leave a year old, a New Year is approaching,I wish MFS in the new year work smoothly!


Issues fixed, thanks to our Alpha Beta Testers @ShaneAviation and @Chris_Hoss, also Staff @Steve_Jiang !


Happy New Year!

I am here to announce the newest staff of Map-Flight Studio! Now, please join me to welcome @TheAviationGallery to Staff Team!
Nicholas is IFATC Officer & Tester, also MHVA CEO in Infinite Flight. He will help us with marketing! That will be awesome for our team!

Welcome to the team @TheAviationGallery

Follow our Instagram for more information of Map-Flight Studio! Enjoy holidays!


You can purchase the Map-Flight subscription using PayPal! This purchase channel is now back to work! :)

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The parking spaces are not working, you cannot see any of them.

No, the parking spaces can work normally. In order to optimize the performance of the map, parking spaces are only available in large or medium-sized airports (a few large airports are not available), and you must also adjust the zoom level of the map. If the zoom level is too small, the parking spaces will not be displayed.

How do you adjust the zoom size ? the plus and minus in the top left corner only does so much.

Use the plus and minus button in the top left corner :)

Did you even read what I wrote ahead of you ?

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I have sent you a private message.

As the server of the Map Flight website is about to expire, we will migrate the data to the new server from 2021-02-10T03:00:00Z - 2021-02-10T04:00:00Z. All apps and websites will not be able to open by then, thank you for your understanding :)


The Map Flight service has been migrated to a new server, and the loading speed has increased by 3 times!!! All Map Flight websites and apps have returned to normal :)


I am here to give my thanks to @infiniteflight_17 and @JarrettFlies for testing after updating server!


Maybe the question have been already asked but can you make a banner view for primary stats and having the map visible at same time like LiveFlight App & flightradar24 app have? Can’t see the stats and the flight path at the same time in mobile browser and your app.

Good tracker by the way !

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Yes, this is because we are using the outdated Liveapi v1, IF suddenly stopped providing flight path data for some reason. We will update to the latest Liveapi v2 within a week, and all functions will return to normal by then.