Map Connect

Hey IFC,

I am having issues connecting Map Connect to my iPad. Also, is Map Connect V2 available on Windows? If it is, could y’all please and done a link to download it?


Map Connect v2 is available on Windows! You can find more information on how to download it via the following thread…

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Thanks! I have tried that and when I open Map Connect, a wheel just sits there and says “Connecting”. It won’t actually ever connect to IF. I’ve only ever connected it once.

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@AirChina196 might be able to help you out if you shoot him a PM.

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Yes I got the same problem in which it says (Connecting) but never changing although both devices were on the same WIFI network. despite that I could control the aircraft via joystick and it is working pretty good but never says (Connected) in green as it used to @AirChina196

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