Map Connect v2 | Providing joystick support in Infinite Flight

Please add support for moving cameras in different directions and assigning buttons on Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas One controller. :)


Hey, is the TCA Thrustmaster Airbus Edition compatible with Map Connect? I’m running Map Connect on a 2022 Macbook Pro, 13-inch with the M2 Chip.

Here’s a link to what I’m talking about: Airbus Thrustmaster

Yes. As long as your computer can recognize the joystick

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okay, awesome! I found some third party reviews which say that Macbook does recognize Thrustmaster, even though it isn’t officially listed.

If the Thrustmaster ends up not working for me, would you have any recommendations on a joystick which is compatible with Mac?

I have the Thrustmaster T.Flight Hotas X and it works with my Mac

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Thank you! I have been reading that the HOTAS line from Thrustmaster is super good and stable. I’m running under the assumption that if HOTAS works, then this TCA should work as well.

If not, good to know I have a fall-back!

Gald I could help you

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I can’t get the button commands to work it on infinite flight but they are working on the map connect computer side of things. Any suggestions to fix this?

Does anyone know if Map Connect will be able to find Infinite Flight if you are using your phone’s hotspot? I just discovered that the WiFi on my college campus is blocking the connection between Map Connect and Infinite Flight for some reason.

Amazing work. Very easy to download. Using the Thrustmaster TCM 16000 Flight stick and throttle. Running Map Connect on Windows laptop, recognizes both usb controllers. Then assign axis to the game and you’re in business. Running InfiniteFlight on iPad Pro no problem. Only odd thing I’ve found is that if I pull up another screen on my laptop Map Connect will disconnect until I bring that window back to the front.

Map Connect is having issues for me right now. Was about to fly from SEA-KEF. The thing said it was connected but after a few minutes it disconnected. Eventually I started taxing and it failed again, and wouldn’t connect again. This also happened yesterday and caused me to overrun at JAC. Please improve!

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Same here , I’ve had several days with connections issues (I even hired two internet companies in case it was my connection issue, but it isn’t.) Map connect is constantly pulling out red error messages or staying in “connecting” indefinitely.

Guys does this have something to do with the infinite flight connect API lag or intermittence? Or why is the connection so unstable? Is there something in our side we can do to improve? Or any donation we can give you in order to improve the stability of the connection somehow ?

I love the app and really appreciate your hard work. I just would love to find a solution , without map connect I won’t fly on infinite flight :)

The creator said to install the older version because the new version is unstable.

@correa07 @RedWolf We’re not sure if v1.0.1 is more stable than v1.1.0, but you can try downgrading to v1.0.1 to see if the disconnection issue recurs. Please let me know if this solution works for you.

We are an open source software, you can view the code directly on our Github page, and build the app by yourself. If you’re still concerned about the privacy issue, use another app instead.

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The solution certainly does work. Stayed connected the whole time for me from SEA-KOA.

Interesting. I’ll check the code of 1.1.0 later

Can you use e.g. a tca throttle quadrant while using a joystick?

Hi everyone,

We have determined that Map Connect v1.1.0 has a critical disconnection issue, for all those using Map Connect v1.1.0, the current solution is to downgrade Map Connect to v1.0.1.

We will release v1.1.1 update this week, in which this issue will be fixed.

Thanks for your understanding :)