Map Connect v2 | Providing joystick support in Infinite Flight

Map Connect stopped working completely and there’s no connection established between the app and my device. The “Connecting” message keep circling without any change. No axes nor buttons work. Hopefully we can get some help from the developer soon.

I am having the same issue

This is the same for me after downloading V1.1.2 from the Mac App Store. Luckily I can still use V1.1.1 without any issue but it would be nice to be able to use the latest version too.

Can we get any update on this? I haven’t been able to use at all since I’ve wanted to start back up weeks ago. I am getting a timeout issue about 20es ones after I open IF. The timeout is on MapConnect. If I never open IF on my phone it will stay connecting for what seems like forever.

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How to fix this problem

YES! I have this same error!! HELP!!!

Why no one is answering

It works well and fluid for me. :/

Give me your discord

Go into infinite flight and start a flight, then only after you have done so, open map connect. If it times out, open map connect again or restart infinite flight and open mc. After it’s connected then it should stay connected after you exit the flight. Hope this works.

I will try it when i get home thx

Still didn’t work

Do you recommend a joystick I could use for both IF and MSFS?

Can you send me a video of you trying to pair mc?

Ok when i get home

Give me your discord so i can send it to you

Is mapconnect compatible with the Logitech flight yoke system?

It worked on android but still dont want to work on my iPhone

@xHollywood93 This error has been fixed in the latest 1.1.3 update

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Hi everyone,

v1.1.3 is now out. The timeout issue has been fixed in this update. You can download the update from Release v1.1.3 · billdong9/Map-Connect-v2 · GitHub

For Mac users, the update is currently under review, and is expected to be released tomorrow.


For some reason even though map connect says “connected”, and in IF it says API service checked, my joystick wont register on my iPad. It’s as if it isn’t even connected though it says it is