Map Connect v2 | Providing joystick support in Infinite Flight

Joystick support for Infinite Flight | Map Connect v2

Map Connect is an open-source program which allows you to control your aircraft in Infinite Flight by using joysticks and keyboard. Since Live Flight Connect and Map Connect v1 are no longer officially supported, we recommend that you use Map Connect v2 for your flight.

What’s the difference?

Map Connect v2 Map Connect v1 Live Flight Connect
Officially supported Yes No No
Connect API version (v2 is more stable than v1) v2 v1 v1
Keyboard support Yes No Yes


All you need

  • A computer (Required)
  • WIFI Network (Required)
  • Joysticks (Optional)

Having no idea about how to use Map Connect v2? Check out our official tutorial here.


Download Map Connect v2 on our Github/Releases page.

  • For Windows:
    Download Map Connect Setup.exe

  • For MacOs:
    Download Map Connect.dmg

Due to respect for your privacy, Map Connect v2 does not provide auto update service, we recommend that you check the Release page regularly and update the program manually once the new version of Map Connect v2 is released.

Disclaimer: Map Connect v2 has just been released and has not been tested by many people yet, so the connection is not guaranteed to be stable. You are responsible for any problems caused by the use of this software.

Github repo

If you are a developer, you can access our Github repository here.

The source code of Map Connect v2 is published under the GPL v2 license, we welcome you to use or refer to the source code within the scope permitted by the license.


Please don’t forget to join our Discord server! This is where you can chat with other Map Connect users and be notified of our updates anytime!

Map Connect v1

Access Map Connect v1 thread here.


it’s done! thanks a lot for your work!


Thanks for the release, However just wanted to point out an issue I posted this on the other thread with the issue: :)

There was a problem with the previous dmg file, I have uploaded a Map Connect 1.0.0 file to the Github releases page and it should work normally.

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i just tried it again and same problem . thanks for your prompt response

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Strange. Please give me few minutes and I’ll check it out

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sure :)
this might help

Have been using map connect recently, great to see, that it becomes an update. Flying with a joystick makes IF more realistic.


This problem seems to only occur on computers with Apple chips (M1, M2). I’ll try to fix this issue.

Thank you . Let me know if you need anything

Problem fixed. Now you can download the app :)

thanks it works. I really appericate your help and support over the last two years :)

mac users
Just a note for anyone downloading, on the first time you open it - you need to control-click manually in finder to open the menu and click open. This overrides the setting for unidentified developer


Hello, I keep on getting:

“Map Connect cannot be opened because the developer cannot be verified”

What do I do to fix this?

Nvm i got it!

Hello is a secondary throttle like Logitech pro flight throttle quadrant compatible as well as the side stick?

We haven’t tested it. But it should be recognized.

I tested on closed beta version and it ran smoothly, it should be available on Open Beta. Enjoy 😉

Yokes and throttle are both TCA


Hi, Just updated Map-Connect via the Github/Releases link, but that link and the info in Map Connect both state V1? Infinite Flight & is not connecting with MC.

Is there a better link for V2 or does anyone have any suggestions?
-Infinite Flight Connect is enabled, MC recognizes Logitiech Extreme 3D Pro and will map it. It just won’t connect.

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Actually, Map Connect 1.0.0 is v2, v1 refers to Map Connect 1.0.0-alpha and 1.0.0-beta

Hey. Just want to make sure is that Map Connect v2 works well for you? Have it ever lost connection (like v1)?