Map Connect - Use your Joystick and Keyboard to fly!

Does this thing work with iOS 15 or Android 7?

It connects on Android, but the use network controller button is a no-show

For android just connect ur joystick into ur phone using a Usb to USBc Adapter

Don’t have one (kinda why im trying wireless)

Well wired will always be more convenient and work. Map connect isn’t currently working but after the update it will and should work .

Idk where you live but they are pretty cheap and reliable

Any updates ???

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any patience?

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were all interested when its coming, so need to say any patience. Like literally were all waiting, excited waiting for the update to come, The last time we got an update was almost a month.

You mean a year ? Last was August 2020

Na I just have my hopes that these devs can fix the problem and make map connect a great software to ue . I’m crossing my fingers for the update lol


im talking word update in here