Map Connect - Use your Joystick and Keyboard to fly!

There is no auto holding pattern correct ? This only links joystick with the iPad.

So I can use my joystick and connect this to IF?

Yes sir you can.

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Ok, thanks also I tried this before but it didn’t download for some reason.

Yes mate, that’s right

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If u need help with finding someone who can fix it if you can’t just make a new topic with the title “CODING HELP NEEDED MAP CONNECT”

I’m sure someone in this community is knowledgeable and will be able to fix it lol

thanks mine is coming tommorow

@CrisYe could you guys make an ios application please.
it doesn’t need to be on the official store since your Android app is on the drive. just an ios app would be great too! upload the .ipa so people can sideload it onto their devices with 3rd party signing services like altstore.

Hey mate,

This software is on PC, not Mobile, sorry

i mean map flight not map connect

Then you should head to this post

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Hi mate! Map Flight’s IOS APP is already on the Apple store, but I don’t know why it ranks very low. You can view it through the link:

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Hey @CrisYe,

Has there been any improvements in the process lately?

No, but we have touched with some other third party developers to look into the issues