Map Connect - Use your Joystick and Keyboard to fly!

Me too… And we’re still waiting…


This looks fantastic! I’ll try this out soon :)

I use my xbox controller to fly in infinite flight
but I might try this out soon…

It was working fine for me until a couple of weeks ago…

Hows the work so far


Seems that the app won’t be updated… Unfortunately i paid for my joystick thinking that I would use it smoothly and efficiently but i got in a trap…


Rip Im thinking bout getting joystick but with a pc and everything

I cannot even download the .exe file to run the app. Can someone help me?

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RIP everyone who is waiting for an update

Not sure what happened with you, if you could send some screenshots and that would be awesome.

And, we are working on the new LiveAPI V2 for Map-Flight these days, so it means Map Connect is still in the update list, thanks for your patient


Hopefully we will have an update to Map Connect in order to reliably use our joysticks

Is there any vid on how to download it on mac

No plus the thing doesn’t work anyway lol

this had so much potential but then it kept getting delayed


Fr Though!!!

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