Map Connect - Use your Joystick and Keyboard to fly!

Yes I am also having the same problem. The message keep to popup after trying few times.

This is an upload issue. We are going to fix it. Thanks mate

Happy weekend!

I am here to announce the newest member of Map-Flight Studio! Now, please join me to welcome @Zephyr to Staff Team!
Zephyr is IFATC Specialist and he is specialized in video editing and what concerns music / soundboards. We thought he is good for our team!

Congrats and Welcome to the team @Zephyr
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The app completely not working now… I hope they’ll fix this app soon as we all who have joystick rely highly on it…


What do you mean by ‘completely not working’ ?

@Pilot131 You may download it; however me and some users here have reported issues in connectivity… Till now the app is irresponsive and no axes working