Map Connect - Use your Joystick and Keyboard to fly!

Oh man … but how are some still able to use their joystick?

Honestly I don’t really know . I don’t think it works for the majority of people

How long could we be waiting now for this as previously u said august - September.

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their school stuff is more important than a program dude. don’t worry they will release another version soon enough

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🚨Official Notice from Map-Flight Studio Staff Team🚨

Since the last year people usually ask me, and the team, when will the new update for Map Connect. I am sorry about it we haven’t release it to public or Alpha/Beta. Because of the schoolwork in China is too hard for me and @AirChina196 to do our work. Last term was my final term in Junior High School, and I have to study for a better Senior High School. At the same time, @AirChina196 was studying for IELTS to study aboard. Luckily, he has got a few offers from some universities in the US and Canada days ago. We hope to re-start our work very soon. Thanks for your patience.

CrisYe, on behalf of the Map-Flight Studio


actually no it doesn’t! sorry for no reply for a while😟

Will the Airbus edition of thrust-master ( Throttle quadrant and flap quadrant ) work with map connect ? Along with joystick

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I use a similar setup, the only difference is that I don’t have the flaps and spoilers addons, and it works like a jam! Both the joystick and throttle quadrant are detected in MapConnect, all you have to do is assign the axes to the different controls (pitch, roll, yaw, throttle) and assign any buttons to your liking.

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What device do you use (laptop and phone). Because for most of us it doesn’t work

As long as you have 2 USB ports to accommodate the throttle quadrant and joystick (Since they have 2 separate cables), they should both be detected by both your desktop/laptop and, therefore, MapConnect. If MapConnect doesn’t detect them, try checking if your OS does to begin with.

Wow that’s great mate, would love to see a clip of how the throttle quadrant works with IF via the Map connect along with joystick, kindly share a clip of your station as it would be helpful for myself and others here.

Cheers 🍻

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Hello, I would just like to know if Map Connect still works to this date?

Thank you

It may works, we are working on a new update


I however don’t understand how to open the app, I have the unzipped file and I am not able to find the .exe file

yes for me I have a Mac book pro 13inch and an iPad Air but I worked on my old iPad too.

Does map connect still work for you. Doesn’t work for me and I have a MacBook Air m1


it did last time I tried

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are you enabling if connect in settings?

Everything’s on . It detects the joystick but when I move a control it doesn’t register . The map connect app registers it but it doesn’t get communicated to if