Map Connect - Use your Joystick and Keyboard to fly!

Anyone using the thrust masters A320s throttle quadrant and side stick for IF kindly share your clips… via YouTube
Would also like a tutorial video on assigning above quadrant the buttons to IF via the pc interface.

Me too @XuanyanYe

I don’t think map connect works anymore sorry. Try live flight instead

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They are currently working on it so don’t worry about that though it will take a long time I think you can use it but it will be not really stable

Just got my joystick :) now waiting for this to be fixed :(

Check this thread out

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Ive seen it and Im so happy to hear

btu lets not get out of topic I still have my hope in Map Connect

Hey @XuanyanYe @AirChina196

Hows’s the progress with the beta you started talking about couple of months ago?

Going not well from my side, @AirChina196 is busy on his final exam these days, waiting for more info

But why does map connect struggle to connect to the IF API, because other apps can do it seemlesly , Is it something to do with how it works or what?


Which apps?

like fly by wire

I may reserve the questions to @AirChina196 as I am not developing this software

anyone has any updates in map connect??? I’m eager to use my joystick already

No, haven’t been updated

Hello do the developers intend to continue supporting this project?

it’s been broken for so long that i gave up hope

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This app has so much potential! So sad to see almost no further development on this app. This was much better than LiveFlight connect for sure.

Just want to explain things…

As a student in China, we usually get much more stress in Junior high and Senior high especially the last year at the school. And last year was my final year at Junior High school and this year is the final year at Senior High for @AirChina196. We don’t have enough time to develop this program. The plan to update the software was this summer but unfortunately he has to prepare the things he needs to do to study aboard. We don’t have enough time to update it so all of you have to wait for a bit more. Sorry :(