Map Connect - Use your Joystick and Keyboard to fly!

I can’t use IF without my joystick… Haven’t flown for a while now due to this reason🤦‍♂️


@CrisYe @AirChina196

Hey, check out this.

This may be the reason why our APP cannot works on your device.

Regarding the update, Currently, I may not have much time to deal with this problem, so I cant give you an accurate time of the update. Please wait for the official release of IF 21 to see if our program can work normally :)


Thanks for the update. @Crown.plane

Same here. I fly for a project I had started.
But I take absolutely no pleasure in it.

I didn’t even update iOS. It just stopped working a few weeks back.
Sooooo frustrating.

IF has got to integrate joystick compatibility to their simulator. Having to rely on 3rd parties applications for automated step-climb, call-outs, PA, use of joystick, analysis of Vspeeds, or flight report is becoming ridiculous.

Especially that plenty of the Dev time is dedicated to designing pointless cabin lavatories, seats and galleys. It’s nice and all, but not the priority if you ask me.

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After the beta update, I tried Map Connect out again.

This time we were a step closer and Map Connect connected to my phone. My joystick was working and the axis was correct, although a joystick signal wasn’t picked up by my phone (good internet)

This is how it looks after I connected Map Connect and setting up my axis.

If it does pick up the joystick, it is still unresponsive.

On the other hand, Live Flight connect is working, although it’s hard to set up the axis and the delay is extensive.

I am using a Mac Book Air M1 2020 and iPhone 8.

I have already created another thread. Please check this out and feel free to leave you’re opinion. Hopefully we can get them to do something.


Hello, I’m just curious, does this work with the logitech yoke on windows? Thanks.


Map Connect is still not working with MAC after the update of 21.1. The app connects and detects my joystick, but nothing happens on my device. Please check this out.


Also I tried downloading it on MacBook Air and it doesn’t work

@CrisYe any updates for latest IF version?

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Anyone using the thrust masters A320s throttle quadrant and side stick for IF kindly share your clips… via YouTube
Would also like a tutorial video on assigning above quadrant the buttons to IF via the pc interface.

Me too @CrisYe

I don’t think map connect works anymore sorry. Try live flight instead

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They are currently working on it so don’t worry about that though it will take a long time I think you can use it but it will be not really stable

Just got my joystick :) now waiting for this to be fixed :(

Check this thread out

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Ive seen it and Im so happy to hear

btu lets not get out of topic I still have my hope in Map Connect

Hey @CrisYe @AirChina196

Hows’s the progress with the beta you started talking about couple of months ago?

Going not well from my side, @AirChina196 is busy on his final exam these days, waiting for more info