Map Connect - Use your Joystick and Keyboard to fly!

If brakes is not working properly, you can assign button one to Parking brakes.

Try to hold the reverse thrust button and move the throttle


Maybe you can try to change trim to ensure smooth flight ;)

Try parking brakes

Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about it. This is recognized by the node.js and operating system :)

This problem is because you opened the map connect program last time, and did not completely close it, causing the newly opened map connect program to fail to bind to the port :)

Please try to completely close the map connect program

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This is because your 15000 port is occupied, please try to turn off the process that occupies this port (for example, Live filght connect) :)

Yeah I’ve changed button 1 to parking brake, which works okay.

Just can’t get butting 17 to work on the thrustmaster for the revers thrust. Anyone managed to get it to work?

Would I have to de-install that?
Or is just closing it enough?

Ok but why brakes aren’t working? It’s more convenient to have brakes in addition to the parking brakes…

I just de-installed liveflight, but it still shows this one once I open MapFlight. The text is a little different from the one I sent above

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I advise you to open the Map Connect through the compressed WinRaR file rather than decompress the whole folder and open it from there…

You just hold down the assigned button and adjust the amount of reverse thrust with the lever as you would when wanting to move the aircraft forward.

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There seems to be something wrong with brake, which we will remove in the next release. Please use parking brakes :)

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This error is due to a problem with the code connecting if. But this code was created by @KaiM and we are waiting for his update

Have you tried to improve the LiveFlight Connect app since it’s an open source? I think you can do it man👍

😂Live flight connect is written in swift and c++, I am not very good at these two programming languages, so…

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Although there are still many problems with Map Connect, but don’t forget that it is still being updated and most of the problems will be solved in the future. :D


I have no doubt mate… I appreciate all the hard work you’ve done for us to develop and improve the app… But I don’t want to have surprises when disconnecting AP on final and loose 4 or more hours flight🤣🤣

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So is it a problem on my end?
If not, do I understnad It’ll be fixed in a future update?

This issue will be fixed in a future update


Thank you very much. Great work!

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I have done a quick circle over OTHH using an A350… The aircraft was incredibly stable and the approach was great… I disconnected the AP with a brave heart and used my joystick confidently which was responsive without lags or freeze… Now i have to try it with a long haul flight… However; I realized that if you minimized the app’s window it would stop responding, what do you think? Other than that; it’s a great app

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I tried but small changes of trim or flaps makes the airplane unstable and the VS changes drastically.

Which aircraft?!