Map Connect - Use your Joystick and Keyboard to fly!

Map Connect V2 OPEN BETA has been released, please check here


About Map Connect 🎉

Map Connect is a software for Infinite Flight users use joystick and keyboard to fly. This software is made by Map-Flight Studio. @AirChina196 has noticed that LiveFlight Connect is no longer officially supported as of 26th February 2020 so he thought we can make a app instead of LiveFlight Connect. Sorry Cam lol

What is the difference between Map Connect and LiveFlight Connect?

Map Connect📚 LiveFlight Connect📃
Support Provide Yes No
Code used Programming with Node.js Programming with C++ & Swift


  • 1.0.0 Alpha - 20/08/2020
  • 1.0.0 Alpha 1 - 28/08/2020

Some screenshots


Check out our video tutorial on the official website!


We provide APP for MacOS and Windows! Click here to download!

View source code on Github

Map Connect is an open source software, click here to view the source code on Github

Some known issues

  1. When your network is not good, IF may not respond to your operations. Although Map Connect has been optimized for this situation, but it is still possible. If this happens, please go to settings-controls, click “restore default” and use your mobile device to operate

  2. You can only use Park Breaks,

3. We have known the there are some connection issues since Infinite Flight 20.2 version release, the team is already working on it now, we hope to release the update very soon

Changes at Version 1.0.0 Alpha 1

  1. Removed the brake operation
  2. Solved the problem of EADDRINUSE and ECONNREFUSED
  3. Fixed some little issues

Other project

  • Map Flight: Map-Flight is a live flight tracker for Infinite Flight. Track flights, find flights of interest, search for and discover new flights and airports, flight plans, players, airports and weather information.
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Map Connect

I’m looking forward to this!


Nice! While I may not use it myself - this could be very useful for a lot of people.


Looking forward to those!


May I ask if this also works for a sim yoke (Saitek Pro Flight I have)


Yes, it is


I can’t wait to use it! Will it be able on Mac?


Yes! Our developer testing is on Mac!


Alpha Test is for Staff Team and some users of Map-Flight, Beta Test is Public


I have updated some screenshots!


Well done. @AirChina196 always brings us surprise


I expect the Map Connect Alpha version will be available for download tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, and the source code will also be available at that time :)


Amazing…would love to pair this up with the thrustmasters airbus edition. ✌️


Our alpha tester has already tested Map Connect, it works very smoothly:


🤩 WOW… That’s great, please give us future add-ons for expanding it the Airbus throttle Quadrant as well.
I simple words I would say IF is a mini msf2020 on a Lower budget Scale.👍👌


Yes, we will!



As a joystick user myself, I’m highly looking forward to trying this out!

I’m also a major fan of the black background - keeps the room darker when flying at night, thus making it easier to see the iPad screen - one of the issues I face a fair bit with LFC.

Lovely to see somebody ‘picking up’ this project from Cam and making it in their own way for the benefit of the community.


As a Live Flight Connect user, I am genuinely excited to see someone picking up the Connect project, and creating a faster, sleeker, and overall better Joystick Port! I have ridiculed Connect for being painstakingly slow and just dropping connection on short final; I hope that Map Connect will bring an end to most of those problems; I hope by solving this Map Connect makes a huge wave in the community!

P.S. I wish I could test it in the future

I wish you great luck in your venture!


I’m looking forward to this!
Nice Map-Flight and Map Connect!


Does this only work for IF?