Map connect problems

I got a Logitech 3d pro a couple weeks ago for IF, I got Nap connect downloaded and i’m on the same wifif but it just loads and says “Connecting”

We got the axes and keys down but other than that it won’t work
Please comment if you have any suggestions

Issues with controllers are known about, I believe fixes are being worked on. I’m not sure when but I think fixes are coming soon :)

here is the best thread for this at the moment: Map Connect v2 | Providing joystick support in Infinite Flight

The joystick connected to map connect no problem. I was able to set up all my controls. The issue is the map connect will not connect to infinite flight on my phone. Both my phone and the pc are on the same network. I have restarted my app and my pc but it will still not connect.

I think this is the bug that is trying to be fixed, this connection problem. I could be wrong but I am afraid this is not my subject of expertise!

Ok!, Thanks!

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