Map ‘compass’ view

Hey everyone,

Have you ever closely noticed the ND (navigation display) in an aircraft cockpit? If so, you’ll realize that the the way the aircraft icon follows the flight plan is different to how the aircraft icon in IF follows the flight plan.

In IF, you have a map with your flight plan which is fixed, and the aircraft simply follows the fixed flight plan by turning and following the flight plan lines or ‘legs’.

In real life navigation displays, it’s the opposite. The aircraft icon is fixed and the flight plan lines move as and when the aircraft turns and follows the flight plan.

To think of it simply, open google maps and start directions to some place. You’ll notice that your location arrow icon follows a fixed route on the screen. But when you tap the little compass icon on the right, the arrow icon centers and fixed on the base of the screen and the entire map moves relative to your position.

I’m proposing a little option to ‘enable/disable compass mode’ in the map settings icon both in the map page and the HUD map. Enabling this option centers the aircraft icon on the base and the flight plan moves relative to our position. Disabling this option makes the map behave just like in our current version, where the aircraft icon follows a fixed flight path on the map.

Reference for real life navigation display version of map view



Useful feature in the future, but I think we don’t need it right now. (not a priority)

I also want to say I like how you plan out your feature request. Think them out and then take the extra step to photoshop it to have the reader understand your topic better.


Very nice request. Would add some realism. Although I have to say I prefer it like it is now because I have a better idea of the headings.

It’s not the same thing at all!

On this topic he suggested making the airplane icon not move, but have the map move. On the other topic what was suggested is to have a compass thing to know where are the different headings.

Hence the option to enable/disable it.

Since they have plans to rework the map and make it more optimized, throwing this little extra realistic feature in there shouldn’t hurt.

Very good idea. Otherwise people like me with bad mental rotations might have problems…

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Hmmm. I guess you maybe right. Seems this is more detailed

More detailed and not the same thing from what I understand.
(Might be wrong tough)

I don’t mind it, but believe it should be optional

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I think that this will be a great idea. Also, how have your waypoints disappeared and the lines have become so bold? @Mubashir

He used an editing program to better convey what he is trying to say.

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Haha it’s photoshoped. I had to redraw the map completely for that.

Nice idea, great request and nicely done with the Photoshop.

It’d help if people didn’t link different requests or instantly shoot it down as ‘not necessary’, the idea of feature requests are to see if people think it’s necessary, so if you don’t think it is - just ignore it! The comments in these requests should be there to show support, add weight to the evidence and help improve the request.

You’ve got my vote as soon as one frees up.

Thanks @Mubashir and keep up the good work!

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No North Must always be up for me. I cannot read a map unless North is upwards. I hate when GPS make ‘up’ the direction I am facing. I can’t navigate like that

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Hence the option to enable/disable from the map settings.

A pretty good extra feature, it would feel much nicer to look at the map in the direction you are travelling in my opinion. Also, for some reason it makes me feel like turning to line up for the runway (on approach) would be much easier like this, though I can’t think of an actual reason why this would be true… ;)

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I like it, no vote left so my comment shall be the spiritual vote xD

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its a nice choice if ones flying VFR, especially on the approach phase, but its not very effective while flying in NAV as it may mislead you/me in our heading…

Why are you referring to your map for heading? Also, I don’t understand how you think this is ineffective when it’s how actual navigation displays of aircraft work.

This is from an actual navigation display of an a320