Map bug

all is ok
But when i zoom in
Infinite Flight :18.6
Handy : huawei P10 lite

What exactly is the issue here?


When I enter the map, the border between the mainland and the water disappears

The land outline is disappearing.

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The map is a bit of a quick thing that was added with Global. The current one will eventually be replaced. As long as you can see the airports, we’re good for now :)


I’m pretty sure this is to reduce the workload for your device. I’ve had that a few times but as soon as you increase the quality under settings the lines don’t disappear anymore.
It’s just what I think it is though, so it might be a glitch.
What are you settings?

This is only since 18.6

Really? Huh, we didn’t touch the map.

We’ll have a look at it :)

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Cool thanks!

I actually get this too but only when it on Low Graphics Setting. Are you sure that graphics is high?

Jes max settings

Never seen this before and even more strange that it is only after 18.6. Well luckily our amazing staff and developers are looking into it and hopefully you (and the rest of us) will get an answer


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