MAP Airlines ATR 72-500 Registration: PR-MPW


Hello IFC 👋🏻
I think Map Airlines’ painting is one of the most beautiful for the ATR-72, but the ATR is not yet present in Infinite Flight, but I hope that in the future the IF will add the ATR 72 in an update in the future.
I would like that when Infinite Flight brings the ATR it would be nice if they put the registration plates on the wings like the IF did on the B772 Reworked
Thankful …

I really like the livery, but I am out of votes.

Vai Brasil!


Thanks 👨🏻‍✈️


If ATR 72-500 is to be added in the future, this would be a good option for regional flights in the Amazon.


I am very anxious that the ATR will come to the IF now, as it is all dear to us Brazilians and also to our Brazilian and IFC community. MAP is great, in fact it is perfect as we will represent our Amazon! Anyway, you got my vote!

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Thanks 👍🏻 man

you’ve got my vote because this livery is beautiful

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