Map/Aircraft Data Stored in System Partition

i have a Xperia L (C2104) and all the airports and aircrafts are saved in the system memory, not in the sd, not in the internal storage, in the system memory, in the folder /data/data/com.fds.infiniteflight/ so, that’s a problem, how can I/you solve this? because i have to constantly delete all data to update other apps because even having just one aircraft and one airport it takes like 100+mb and i run out of space.
And of course i want to download more aircraft and maps, but im not doing it because of the space and the location it is saved in

I have IF on my phone which only has 4GB of space, and half of that is contacts. I have to dedicate my phone to one app, Infinite flight. What I do is delete IF and then re install it when I need it.

what i do is delete data, but anyways, the data should not be stored in the system memory it should be in the internal storage, under obb folder, not in /data/data/ like it is now

Im not sure I fully understand…

my phone has 8 gb, divided in 3 partitions 4 gb for internal storage (that’s where camera pics and videos are saved, downloads, music etc etc) the other 4 gb are in 2 partitions of 2 gb, one for the rom, and the other for apps, i call it system memory, the point is, the data of the app is stored in the app partition, but doing it so due it is a game that has a lot to download, it will take huge amounts of space, it took 100+mb just with one aircraft and one map, and i cant download more because i even have to delete the Infinite Flight Simulator data in order to free space and be able to update other apps because the space is not enough. what im saying is that the data of IF is saved in the app aprtition under the folder /data/data/, and it shouldn’t be like that, it should be stored in /android/obb/ in internal storage partition, simple as that, please some developer read this

what you do (as you said) is uninstall the app to free space when you need, what i do is just delete the app data, because it is faster and i dont need to reinstall the app later, just need to download the aircraft and maps again. but that’s not the point of this thread im trying to comunicate to any developer, so if you are a developer i hope you understood now and fix that for future releases

How about moving the app to the SD Card? Everything will be moved to the card without losing anything.

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it still save the aircraft and maps on /data/data/

Try uninstalling the app, re-instal it and before downloading everything you had, move it to the SD Card.

This should really be looked into. I haven’t had any issues with it but can see that it is a problem.

I tried that sturmovik, and it still saving all under /data/data/ it may be something in the app code, they should change it. Because saving that kind of file sizes on the system memory is a crime

I searched and it says that you can´t see /data/data/ unless it´s a rooted device, maybe you did something wrong and now it comes back to bite you.

If you can´t find a solution here, ask for technical assistance with your phone/tablet manufacturer, they might be able to lend you a hand.

i always had that problem, even before to be rooted, i rooted it to see if i can solve the problem myself but i can’t, so if even a rooted phone cant move that data or force the app to not use that folder imagine the magnitude of the problem

Are you still having that problem? Try with a factory reset if yes.

nevermind, i will not factory reset for a game, i will just play and delete 1 aircraft at time…

First, your device needs to be rooted.
Secondly, download a file explorer. (I strongly recommend Root Explorer, you can get it from Google Play Store)
Lastly, find /data/data/com.fds.infiniteflight/files/content
There’s where the airplanes & scenery files are located