Many Rare Liveries! @KLAS

Hello everyone! I’ve recently went on a spotting session 1/15/20 here at Las Vegas! My aunt had taken me to KLAS to spot on her visit here! I managed to catch multiple rare Liveries and large aircraft landing here. I do have 17+ photos but I saved the best 10!

Arriving at 1PM I get to spot the “New York Jets” Jetblue A320 from Boston! Such an awesome plane!

Right after the Green JetBlue, I spotted the Lone Star One Southwest 737-700! This isy 2nd time spotting it as it arrived from Lubbock.

And the 3rd special livery in a row was the Arizona One Southwest 737-700 from Denver!

Next up was the 787 KLM “100 Year” from Amsterdam. Catching this was amazing and I even got a shout-out from KLM themselves on Insta!

Another Heavy arrived right after which was Eurowings A330 from Frankfurt, Germany.

After that was a very rare visitor and when I say rare, I mean doesn’t come here. This C-17 from Wisconsin arrives which is based in Anchorage! It came up by surprise as it wasn’t on the radar!

After that was a cool visitor, a 767 Air Canada Rouge arrived from Toronto! It’s the 2nd time I’ve seen arrive here.

Then it cooled down as a Interjet A320 arrives from Guadalajara.

A Volaris A320neo was a last catch at the spot I was in before I went home as it arrived from. Guadalajara as well!

Lastly, on the way home, I spotted a Southwest 737-700 under the sun!


With destinations to everywhere but the Super Bowl.

Jokes aside, great spots!


Oh My gAWd

That was the best roast of the decade

And great photos @Kamryn!


I’m dying 😂

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Omg Lone Star One! My favorite plane! ❤️ 🤍 💙


Nice photos - how low was that Southwest in the final pic?

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About 100 feet’s, there is a parking lot on Runway 1L that I spotted it at :)

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