Many flights done with the B757

Today IS THE DAY Of 20.3 being released (and Androids first which is lucky but iOS got one) and here is some of the flights I’ve done on open beta from Saturday to Monday with many new liveries flown in newer routes


All flights on expert

Here is the very first flight taking of from Manchester to Salzburg (beat that Innsbruck) with the now defunct Thomas Cook A321

And here is an obscure Argentina airline called “LAPA”

It’s impressive how they did the cabin with the screens on it

At SVO is air Baltic 757 loading up for RIX And air Astana taking off to its home country airport

Seconds before touchdown

Bye Phuket

Onward to chengdu

Anyway I hope y’all are having a good time with the much better aircraft in this update


Also I did go for a VHS Type photo which had some static on it but I did one like months ago but not remember the features

Air Baltic, and jet2 are looking good. Definitely some of my favorite liveries.

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Very nice photos!

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Yea it’s great to add those liveries and Retro ones from obscure airlines ( LAPA,Ladeco,Guyana airways)

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Thanks a lot :D

Fun fact, LAPA used to be the richest airline here

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I was super surprised about how they did on entertainment screen and shows where the flight goes and time and distance. I was so hyped

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@Stellar_G wow somebody knows I’m glad so
@Ace_YukiNeko yea it’s impressive with the flight time and kms although I want the flight route map to be there but it’s still great

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