Many fixes missing in South America

I’m in the middle of a flight from KMIA to SBEG which in real life is AA1265. After the northern part of Venezuela all the fixes are missing until SBEG. Thanks.

Post here to have them added Navigation Editing

Hi, The Nav editing team is responsible in adding fixes into infinite flight, if you have any reported missing fixes let us know and we will gladly add it. THE FIX HAS TO BE REAL So to reiterate please let us know the exact name of the Fix, and coordinates in decimal number, have a spectacular rest of your day :)!

The navigation database is relatively outdated. We’re missing a lot of fixes and other navaids in areas where public navigation data is tricky to find.

However, we’re constantly adding new data to our database so it eventually will be up-to-date. As mentioned above, feel free to report missing fixes to us if want (and if you want to be really helpful, include latitude and longitude coordinates with your request). :)