Many Controllers ignore take off sequence

Take off sequence is sensitive issue for users
First come, first take off.
But some controllers ignore the sequence
Re eucation is needed to these controllers.
Recently I have experienced this several times
It’s really uncomfortable
This is really bad for enjoying Infinite Flight

Did this happen on the Expert Server or the Training Server?

Hello! Take off sequence is important and if sucks to be waiting even if you’re #1. If this happens on the expert server, PM the controller and maybe he can help!
I hope this helps!

Hello there…

I understand you point of view but being an IFATC, sometimes with traffic flow and dynamic situation evolving fast, we may have to bypass the initial sequence…

For example, sometimes planes on R request before those on L but with planes on final, I can issue T/O on L before…

On intersecting departures, I can also choose to launch a faster plane before a heavy because of a short gap with a plane on final…It may be frustrating, but on an ATC point of view, launching a faster before a heavy is more efficient since 1 plane takes off vs. none cause the heavy won’t make it.

I don’t know if my english is good enough to picture this example well…

I try hard to follow it when I issue one, but I’m not always able 🤷🏼‍♂️

Like sequences in the air, we may have to “resequence” departures also…

Hope this helps!

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If I didn’t misunderstand this is not a must. Controller decide departure sequence by their destination or weight.

Multiple factors can influence the decision on my end when getting busy…But yeah, my main goal after general flow efficiency is to follow initial sequence as much as I can of course

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