Manuals as composite e.g. PDF

Has anyone combined the manual pages on to the website as a single document so I can read it on a Kindle etc. ?

I can do it but I wondered if I’d missed it.


Are you talking about the IFACT and User Guide manuals?

Yes, the standard manuals for flight ATC etc.

All the sections of the User Guide are frequently updated, so it wouldn’t really be prudent to make a new PDF document each time. Also, having all the material online streamlines the process to add updated information/corrections whenever necessary and easier for us to view as well.

While I don’t believe the User Guide has been compiled into a PDF by any user yet, you can of course go ahead if you wish to make one.

Updates to the User Guide can be found here :

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Just to add on to what others have said, this isn’t something we offer now but we have looked into it in the past. We’ll definitely see if it’s something we can offer in the future

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Should be possible to read the HTML page#, merge them and use a html2pdf converter. I’ll have a go. So updating wouldn’t be an issue

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