Manually Tune Frequency

I believe to increase the realism of Infinite Flight pilots should be required to manually input the frequency number given when changing frequencies.

For Example:

Approach: Cleared ILS Approach Runway 26L. Contact London Gatwick Tower on 121.14.

This would then be when the pilot would type in 121.14 (Given Frequency Code) into something like this for example:


Once they have typed in the frequency code and pressed enter they would then switch to the frequency that matched that code.

I believe this would be a great feature to further improve the realism of Infinite Flight and make the flying experience even more enjoyable.

Credit to @epaga for the screenshot of his app, In-Flight Assistant.

I like this Idea, it would be a nice little feature that should be implemented.

Nice Request!


I like the idea… but maybe for like only the Expert Server, I think pilots on TS1 really wouldn’t ever contact them because they are to lazy to input the whole number… or better yet have it so they can Manually Tune in or Just have it like usual. like how we have the Automatic Engine Start or Manuall Engine Start.
But I really like the feature I’m going to use a vote :)


In my opinion, this would be a cool and realistic feature, however this would take awhile. Once I land, I don’t wanna spend 5 minutes googling the ground frequency of the airport I land at or have to quickly contact Tower. Kind of tedious if you get what I am saying.


Tower would send something like contact ground on 121.30 and then you would just have to type that in.


True…but I am a person who likes how easy it is as tapping, instead of typing. ;)

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It’s not the pilot’s job to change the frequencies and it could get a bit confusing. Usually a co-pilot or crew in the cabin does it.

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Ok that’s fine then, it would also give you the option to contact frequencies more efficiently because if you where in an area with a lot of frequencies instead of scrolling through them you could just type in the given frequency code.

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In Infinite flight it is the pilot’s job to change frequencies and always has been so added this would make it more realistic.

@Ark_of_Ahmed.IF There really isn’t a difference between pilot and copilot in Infinite Flight…not even the MD-11/DC-10.

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Ah, this is very neat. Nice request.

Also, @Chief305 where are the Warm Regards? Hibernation for the winter?

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Thanks @S_Olejniczak appreciate the feedback mate.

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@Declan_O @Delta_Alpha_Lima I meant in real life.

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Oh right, sorry for the misunderstanding.

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Make sure to vote for the topic if you would like to see this implemented into IF.

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I feel like some people out there who are newer to aviation wouldn’t understand tuning the radios, also if we had this I think it might be nice to have COM1 and COM2 in the case that we could have the next frequency ready to go or if ATIS is ever back we could put ATIS on deck for COM2. Possibly expert server only so people understand how to use radios at first :)


I like it, but make it an optional feature like engine start. I’ll see if I can remove a vote to vote for this :)

EDIT: Voted!

Wouldn’t this take more time?

It is realistic, no arguing that point.

In real life, an aircraft is flown by a person and another guy takes care of frequencies, communicating with ATC, changes to FMC and there may also be an Engineer.

Now, when I’m flying VFR tuned to Approach and when I’m told, “contact some Tower at some.somesome”, this would need me to open ATC tab, enter the digits and get back to flying. Even in IFR when the AP is on, in IF we should adjust the heading, speed and VS manually often during landing, when the aircraft doesn’t have an APPR. What more, the plane might have deviated or even worse I’d be crossing path of other aircrafts during a parallel landing. Especially when I hadn’t properly noted the frequency, that would take me a bit more time to see the ATC communications list to find the numbers.

Now, when I hear someone wanting to hand me off, I just have to tap a couple of times, which I feel good at the moment. But, of course, practice makes us perfect. Nevertheless, this is rather a realistic feature. Please overlook further complications (which the developers will) that may be arising before implementing.



Yes, I like this, so that the pilot actually has to pay attention to the frequency given, not just press “acknowledge”

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This would really increase realism and make a better use for APD’s, which I like!