Manually Operate the Spoilers

Flight could be removed or stay for people that prefer it over manual. It’ll just be there for convenience.

I had a pretty spoiler full SWA flight, we were coming in hot till we were in line with the runway, then we pulled it right back. Definitely more spoilers than “flight”

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I would love manually deposited spoilers it would make the sim that much better


Maybe an auto and manual mode?


With an auto mode the spoilers would have to be reworked

Wym? They already have auto, so add a manual mode on top of it

There’s an armed mode. That only works when you’re on the ground. As soon as your main gear touches down, it deploys full spoilers. Auto mode would probably be coupled with the autopilot and work with the speed and when landing.

I know, so we can have a manual mode and an automatic.

They would have to rework the spoilers to have an automatic mode.

Removed a vote for this. It’s been on my wish list for some time now. I wrote it as this:

“Four position or “throttle-able” spoilers positions could be Down/Flight min/Flight Max/Landing spoilers or have “fine” throttle like control of spoilers”

In addition-the dynamics would be more realistic if we had the following:

-Less drastic speed decay/bleed off in descent (EG: you’d NEED spoilers in a 1500+ FPM descent in an A320/A330 due to the “slippery” wing)
-Less drastic speed decay/bleed from flight spoilers in descent (see above)
-Spoilers alter/increase descent fpm/vertical speed (autopilot VS becomes flexible w/ spoilers out)

I think mines is easier to understand 🤷‍♂️

But it’s basically an auto spoiler and a manual spoiler that the person is asking for.

Uhh, no, they already have an auto mode, leave the current system in place and then add a manual mode

They wouldn’t even have to add a second slider for that. They could simply use the throttle. On Ground, you can use the throttle to activate reverse thrust by moving it down below 0%.

They could use the same system in the air. By lowering the throttle slider to below 0% one could manually activate the spoilers to use them fully and manually. That would come in handy especially when you’re flying a fighter.

Btw: We now have two topics with that request both with 7 votes. Maybe the other one can be closes as this one is more recent, @moderators

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That wouldn’t be that good of an idea because you may want to coast and instead you will be slowing down more than you need to since the spoilers will extend. It’s not always that you will want the spoilers to extend especially in the air when you have the throttle at 0%

To use the spolilers you would have to manually slide the throttle lever down below 0% and you’d have to keep your finger on it. As soon as you let it go the throttle goes back to idle. With that system there is no chance of an accidental deployment. And on ground it works the same. As soon as you use reverse thrust the spolilers will deploy as well.

You’d have full control over the spoilers from 1% to 100% without an additional slider that would use a lot of space.

I find that it doesn’t use a lot of space and most fighter jets land with their spoilers brakes fully extended because of two reasons I believe. It causes the plane to have a flare effect and pitch the nose up a bit and it also forces the engines to be run at a higher rpm without landing at a faster speed so incase the pilot has to go around for some reason the engines are already spooled up.

This is from carrier landing hd. The spoiler slider is right beside the power slider.

Its just a splitted wing so the Fighter can make space for others