Manually disarm spoilers

I appreciate IF but I also appreciate how it looks more then what it does especially when the changes ain’t noticeable, and i can tell it’s not 100% accurate but, until the auto breaks are 100% accurate in my opinion, then add the changes to the game 🫣 I’m just passionate about the game

Even though it’s not 😂

Maybe trust that the people who work on/fly some of these aircraft IRL know what they’re talking about. The auto-retract is an actual thing for A320s and E-Jets. I’ve even included a page straight from the A320 FCOM.

Enjoy the read! 😉


Here’s the difference;

When possible;
We try try to keep our features as close to the real world as possible. That means we reproduce certain features and functionality based on what real world pilots and/or reliable aircraft documentation.

You counter that with YouTube…

And as mentioned by Regan as well, the “manually disarm” part you’re so extremely passionate about isn’t something that we neglected out of pure spite. There were complexity issues with it.

The entire “package” of braking functionality is far more realistic than in prior versions.

Autobraking for a fixed rate of deceleration relies on spoilers and reverse thrust, in a sense, as subordinate but key functions, especially doing the heavy lifting at the initial higher speeds upon landing.

Autobraking applies wheel braking to supply the gap needed for the targeted deceleration rate.

The targeted deceleration rate is critical to modern commercial aviation operations.

Adding this key functionality, in which spoiler operation is a team player (rather than being dominant), is objectively far more realistic, irrespective of what the particulars of manual accessibility turn out to be in a programmable implementation across multiple aircraft types.


If you stow reversers above 70 knots they stay up

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I don’t care about needing the spoilers for doing flight control checks, I can accept that it’s unrealistic but we definitely need Manuel disarming of spoilers for when we exit the runway. I just need someone to clarify what Laura has changed with the spoilers for the 22.4 update.

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You’ll see when 22.4 drops :)

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I’ve been around long enough to know better than to ask you when that will be

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That’s exactly what I mean

I don’t want to be the one to say this, because I feel bad doing this kinda stuff, however it feels necessary. I feel this conversation is starting to get personal here. I can understand everyone’s frustrations with the manual control over spoilers, however my fellow users @schyllberg and @ToasterStroodie have mentioned the same exact thing multiple times. I don’t think asking the same thing multiple times, and coming off very demanding with these requests are going to change anything.

I know all of you are not out-to-get anyone, however you all need to watch what and how you are saying this - and when the conversation becomes unproductive (i.e. after @schyllberg linked the blog post and said it might be looked at for improvements in the future). Beyond this point it feels from my perspective that this is simply asking the same thing in different ways to see if there is a different answer.

This might sound harsh, and I’m not trying to be. I just am trying to shed some perspective on this, so we can productively move on from it.

Thanks everyone, and have a nice afternoon. Remember, we are a community, and we all care about each other in the end.😉


Im glad you said this because if i did it would not be this… kind… id probably be banned from the forum so very very professionally put i 1,000% agree

You said it perfectly 👍🏽

Fixed in 22.4!