Manually disarm spoilers

Btw I was just testing the game to see if the breaking manually after 60ks to see if the spoilers stay up, and they actually don’t tbh

I think Laura talked about it on yesterday’s live stream


I been complaining about this automatic spoiler retraction feature ever since it came out. It’s annoying becuase I don’t even use the auto brake feature but it still effects how I play the game because spoilers still retract under 40 kts

Do you know if they r going to bring it back

You can go watch the YouTube live stream from yesterday. At 1:40:10 they talk about manual spoilers coming back in 22.4. I was still confused Because they said it’s coming back but it won’t be like how it worked before and Laura didn’t really go into how it’s gonna be different to what it was like before.


This may sound harsh, but most of the complaints about this are quite strange but also comes down to a quite common thing i think many of us see here:

Realism is only interesting when it’s “easy” or when it’s a “cool feature”. When realism happens to include something that force you to change a certain behaviour (like this one) or when it’s inconvenient in some way - there are complaints.

A post I’ve shared numerous times which always tends to simmer down the conversation is this one, from a real world pilot we have within our team:

No, things aren’t 100% accurate right now. But it’s A LOT closer to the real deal than what it was before. And we’ll continue to iterate and improve on this :)


I only use auto brakes for takeoff and use manual braking and spoilers for landing but sometimes it still does it, bit annoying but its not that big of a deal either. Just gotta adapt to the situation and learn.

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I’ve just completely stopped using reverse thrust. I’d rather use brakes only and have spoilers stay up than use reversers and have the spoilers go down the moment I let go of the screen

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It’s actually further than it was before. Atleast before you could manually disarm them, the auto thing is just annoying. Look up ANY video of a plane landing and the spoilers would stay up til well after they taxi off the runway.


Absolutely true and underappreciated.

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I appreciate IF but I also appreciate how it looks more then what it does especially when the changes ain’t noticeable, and i can tell it’s not 100% accurate but, until the auto breaks are 100% accurate in my opinion, then add the changes to the game 🫣 I’m just passionate about the game

Even though it’s not 😂

Maybe trust that the people who work on/fly some of these aircraft IRL know what they’re talking about. The auto-retract is an actual thing for A320s and E-Jets. I’ve even included a page straight from the A320 FCOM.

Enjoy the read! 😉


Here’s the difference;

When possible;
We try try to keep our features as close to the real world as possible. That means we reproduce certain features and functionality based on what real world pilots and/or reliable aircraft documentation.

You counter that with YouTube…

And as mentioned by Regan as well, the “manually disarm” part you’re so extremely passionate about isn’t something that we neglected out of pure spite. There were complexity issues with it.

The entire “package” of braking functionality is far more realistic than in prior versions.

Autobraking for a fixed rate of deceleration relies on spoilers and reverse thrust, in a sense, as subordinate but key functions, especially doing the heavy lifting at the initial higher speeds upon landing.

Autobraking applies wheel braking to supply the gap needed for the targeted deceleration rate.

The targeted deceleration rate is critical to modern commercial aviation operations.

Adding this key functionality, in which spoiler operation is a team player (rather than being dominant), is objectively far more realistic, irrespective of what the particulars of manual accessibility turn out to be in a programmable implementation across multiple aircraft types.


If you stow reversers above 70 knots they stay up

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I don’t care about needing the spoilers for doing flight control checks, I can accept that it’s unrealistic but we definitely need Manuel disarming of spoilers for when we exit the runway. I just need someone to clarify what Laura has changed with the spoilers for the 22.4 update.

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You’ll see when 22.4 drops :)

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I’ve been around long enough to know better than to ask you when that will be

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That’s exactly what I mean