Manual UK landings today

Has anyone managed to successfully land in South Wales/South of England today?😂. Just tried landing at EGFF and the less said about that the better 😂


I’m gonna try lol

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I actually made it w/o a go around lol

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I made it in LHR with an A320. I didn’t manage the centerline but it was quite safe

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Did some touch and goes earlier at Bristol. It’s very sToRmY and gUsTy

I am flying to EGLL with an A319 from Brussels… let’s see how it goes

18kts winds

Perfect place to train for crosswind landings

Only 18? When I landed it was at 45kts 😅


I shall do something called rookie numbers and push the winds up to maximum in solo

Jk I don’t have time

I do want to try landing at 45kts tho

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earlier i did TLPL-EGLL and the winds were 40kts pushing westward

btw all hand flown

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I don’t know how but I managed to butter in EGLL… can’t believe it

With an A319!


Just attempted landing at London, it was horrible, landed at like 70gs, with one go around due to traffic, people crashing all around me

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