Manual or APPR

Do most people land manually or with APPR? I love landing manual otherwise I just think their is no point/fun in it.

I do every approach by hand (if it’s not ILC cat III conditions 🤪), otherwise it’s just boring.

I used to use APPR just to line up but now I manually fly in my approaches :).

I use APPR for every ILS approach, and disable it 5nm out after I lowered the gear. I always use APPR when landing in extremely low visibility landings, and if the landing has low vis but still manageable, manual is how I go. I find landing by hand very fun tbh, it’s more realistic.
Also autopilot always lands hard, barely flares, and tends to make the nose bob up and down on approach

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I use APPR until 3 nm from the runway then take over the control

I sometimes use autoland for longer flights because at the end of them, I am usually tired and can’t control the aircraft properly. But on shorter flight (9-10 hours) I manually land.

I use APPR until I have a visual of the runway then I hand fly. When it is below 2 nm vis, that’s when I use APPR all the way till the wheels touch the ground.

Visual with the runway for me is about 8-11 nm.

I use APPR until 1000ft or when I can see the runway (whichever is later).

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It all depends on visibility conditions for me, tbh.

APPR until the minimums prescribed on the chart is usually what I do.

I use APPR only when visibility is very low as it is most useful then

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