Manual for pilots on how to use ATC

Is there a full blown manual I can find on how to use ATC Properly?

Embarrassed myself on expert yday lol.


There is a public IFATC manual that you can look through that has a lot of good information on procedures and best practice. Infinite flight also has tutorials that you can watch to help you out.

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Hello, there are many great tutorials in the #tutorials section. Unfortunately there isn’t a pilot to ATC manual I know of. The official Infinite Flight YouTube channel also is a fantastic resource with visual aids.

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Mind linking me to it?


This is the training manual and covers the IFATC training process. This won’t prove very useful if they’re looking for specific information on ATC procedures.

Hey there!

Here is a simple but informative tutorial from the official Infinite Flight YouTube channel. You can also watch all their other tutorials and videos for both pilots and controllers Here

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That tutorial I linked is old but it does still provide good info

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